On Kosovo Independence-Mikis Theodorakis, Greece
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2008-03-03 00:00:00 UTC
On Kosovo Independence-Mikis Theodorakis, Greece

On Kosovo Independence and Implications for Greece

Mikis Theodorakis-End the Betrayal and Ugliness

Irrespective of the results of the US elections, ie independently from
who will be the future President, the colossal military machine has
already gone forward with the aim of exterminating all those it feels
to be its enemies. Even Greece which does follow blindly its
instructions. Iran, North Korea, the Arab world and non-subjugated and
naturally among them Russia and in the far depth China.

Then the insolent of South America will have their turn. An immediate
multifaceted many legged like an octopus will make slowly and surely
its appearance in the vanguard of world history. Today's aim are the
Balkans with the main aim the creation of a 'Greater Albania',
starting with Kosovo and in collaboration to those responsible for
mass murders in the KLA-UCK. This was not enough an event
extraordinary for us in and of itself but various 'scientists' chose
the main Polytechnic University to develop in public their basic
demand for a 'Greater Albania', the occupation of Ipirus until Preveza
with the justification that it belonged to Albanian Tsamouria from
where the Greeks threw them out for their criminal acts.

Obviously we are dealing with an organised provocation by the USA so
as to study our reactions and to prepare us psychologically for the
territorial expansion of Albania after Kosovo independence and to a
certain extent the Albanian speakers in Skopje and consequently on our

On the other hand the alliance of Turkey with the USA on Kosovo which
became one of the first to recognise it, is preparing the climate for
devious plans against our country on the basis not only of the Aegean
sea and Cyprus, but the muslim minority in Thrace which following the
example of Kosovo may demand its independence.

The policy of the leadership of Skopje appears to show from first hand
the plans of the USA and that is why they show such disconcern about
their intransigence. That is why in this phase they are allied with
the policy highlighted. But what will they do when the second phase
continues of this friendlyalbanian tactics, whereby their statelet
will be divided in half as they will recognise that they may be called
Macedonians, but ethnically they are part of the enemies with Russia,
Serbia but also Bulgaria and they must not have those illusions as
they are Slavs.

Thus returning to us the Greeks we must see that the situation is
developing as it is developing and it is beyond tragic given the fact
that the Americans aren't convinced however many times the American
friendly leaders in Greece beg them and that is why they are
frightened as they hate our people, who they are conscious of the fact
negate their war plans, that is why they want to punish us with every
means possible unless we decide all together to kneel and kiss their
feet and from now on swear to be good citizens and obedient organs in
their policies.

As the game for us is already lost, then let us fall down with our
head held high. Let us not wait help from anywhere. We neither have
allies, we are all we are, let us at least ensure to become good,
proud and why not happy as we have taken all the big decision to
become one great fist united against the betrayal and the ugliness
which is banging on our door..

For it is a betrayal the independence of Kosovo without the acceptance
of the international community of the UN, the recognition in other
words of a province which has been part of Serbia and what would we
feel if tomorrow we lost half of Cyprus, Thrace and Ipirus?

As it is ugliness to accept to be despised and to be sworn at hidden
under the wings of the Americans by the Skopjians and us to plead to
them and to ask for the intervention of the Americans, losing every
day our dignity and pride.

Lets close our borders lets stop our economic and diplomatic
relationships let us leave them calling themselves what they
want,ridiculing only themselves.

We are obliged to pass from this new test with our head held high. We
may suffer, but the issue is to remain Greeks and we will remain
Greeks if we do not forget from how many tests we have passed till now
as in the end we came out victorious.

The same will occur in the future.
Mikis Theodorakis
2008-03-03 09:07:58 UTC
Phony Kosovo 'Independence'
by Jared Israel

(A shorter version of this article was posted on Feb. 26, 2008 on
Arutz Sheva)

[Feb. 29, 2008]

[Note: For mailing purposes we have not used diacritics (accents) for
Serbian and Albanian names. For a list of affected words, with
explanations, see footnote [12]. This article is posted with
diacritics at http://tenc.net/phony.htm ]

We are inundated with misinformation about Kosovo 'independence.' Case
in point: "Kosovo Declares its Independence from Serbia," in the
February 18th New York Times. [1] It should have a warning label:
'This article is harmful to the truth.'

The Times says Kosovo Albanians had "a long and bloody struggle for
national self-determination," suggesting a people distinct from
Albanians in Albania, acting independently. But the Times also
describes Kosovo Albanians celebrating by waving not 'Kosovar,' but
U.S. and Albanian flags:

"The distinctive two-headed eagle of the red and black Albanian flag,
reviled by Serbs, was everywhere Sunday, held by revelers, draped on
horses, flapping out of car windows and hanging outside homes and
storefronts across the territory."
-- See footnote [1]

This supports the charge that 'independence' is part of a U.S. (and
German and Vatican) strategy of absorbing Serbia's province of Kosovo
into a Greater Albania that previously existed only under WWII Axis
patronage. [2]

The Times says the Kosovo declaration of so-called independence is a
response to a history of abuse of Kosovo Albanians, for example
suppression of the Albanian language, by the Serbs. According to the

"In the 1980s, Mr. Milosevic used Serbs' enormous sense of grievance
that their ancestral heartland was now dominated by Muslim Albanians
to come to power in Serbia."
-- See footnote [1]

So, according to the Times, Serbs were stirred by nationalism
compounded by religious jealousy.

This is wrong on two counts. First, Kosovo's constitutional status was
changed in 1989 as part of an effort to curb long-ignored anti-Serb
violence and fascist-led political separatism, not cultural autonomy.
There was no repression of the Albanian language. [3]

Second, regarding Islam, I have posted thirteen articles on Kosovo
that the New York Times published between 1981 and 1987, describing
problems leading up to the 1989 constitutional change. [4]

Searching these articles one finds no mention of Serbs being upset
because their "ancestral heartland was now dominated by Muslim
Albanians." Indeed, one can find no mention at all of the words
'Muslim' or 'Islam.' [5] But one does find the relevant use of words
such as 'rape' five times; 'murder' thrice; 'vandalize' once;
'mutilate' once, 'kill' twice; 'attack' on people or property five
times; 'knifed' once; 'burn' twice; 'damage' five times; 'poison'
twice; "splashed gasoline in the face" once; and 'harass' once,
concerning Serbs who "have been harassed by Albanians and have packed
up and left the region." In every case the Times was reporting terror
by secessionist-organized Albanians against Serbs.

'Drive' appears three times, concerning not cars but Serbian fears
that Albanian fascists were trying to drive them out of Kosovo. Now
what could have made the Serbs think that?

The ugly term "ethnically clean" first appears in a 1982 New York
Times article describing not some Serbian repression of Albanians, but
the Albanian secessionist program of eliminating Serbs from Kosovo in

"to establish what they call an ethnically clean Albanian republic and
then the merger with Albania to form a greater Albania." [6]

In modifying Kosovo autonomy in 1989, the Republic of Serbia was not
repressing Islam; it was belatedly resisting a) racist violence
against Serbs and b) an attempt to destroy Yugoslavia.

As for the secessionist apparatus, if, since the 1980s, it has been
indoctrinating Albanians in hatred of Christianity and inciting
violence on that basis, why has it left Catholic churches alone while
destroying scores of Serbian Orthodox churches? Why has it never
harassed Catholics as Catholics, while attacking anti-racist
Albanians, whether Muslim, Catholic or atheist, just as it attacks

[Excerpt from interview with Agim K. starts here]

[Note from Jared Israel: 'UCK' stands for Ushtria Clirimtare e
Kosoves. In English: Kosovo Liberation Army or KLA - J.I.]

"The threats started again in July, I think. First only by telephone;
later they began to come to our house, at night - four or five people
usually, sometimes more, in UCK uniforms. They had guns, knives. First
they wanted me to work for them; I am an engineer and they needed
qualified people. They wanted me to make diversions on power stations
and phone lines. I refused. Then they started to break in our house
several times a week, to beat us up: me, my father. My mother and
younger sisters had to watch them do it, at gun point. We had no more
sleep at night. This was a thousand times worse than anything Serbs
did, or didn't do, or could have done: our own people were torturing
us because we wouldn't be cut-throats."

-- Agim K., an Albanian whose family fled Kosovo after refusing to
assist in anti-Serb violence. [7]

[Excerpt from interview with Agim K. ends here]

If Kosovo is a battleground of Christianity vs. Islam, why in 1993 did
Pope John Paul II - was he a Muslim? - give Kosovo Albanian
secessionist leader Ibrahim Rugova an audience and a medal? [8] The
pope's message was clear: the Vatican backed secession. This had a big
effect on Catholic Europe, just like the pope's endorsement of Yasser
Arafat. (The PLO got its own office in the Vatican in 1994!) [9] But
it also politically strengthened the secessionists among Albanians,
since everyone knows the pope spells power.

A related myth, generally pushed in the Western media, although not in
this particular Times article, is that, motivated by mythical anti-
Muslim hate, Serbs drove Albanians from Kosovo in 1999, thus provoking
NATO bombing.

But a) Albanian flight began a week after the onset of NATO bombing,
so how could it have caused it? And b) Albanian flight was staged by
the NATO-controlled Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) to mislead Western
audiences; staged, as we shall see, through calculated terror. The
Yugoslav army tried to organize Albanians to stay in Kosovo and fight
the KLA, but the KLA strategy of terror prevailed, and so the pro-NATO
media was able to broadcast TV images, falsely presented as Albanians
fleeing Serbian violence.

In 1999 and 2000 my website interviewed Cedomir Prlincevic, president
of the Jewish community and chief archivist in Pristina, capital of
Kosovo province.

In the first interview, [10] Mr. Prlincevic described how, after the
victory of NATO's 1999 bombing war against Yugoslavia, the KLA marched
into Kosovo alongside KFOR. (KFOR stands for 'Kosovo Force,' NATO's
name for its troops in Kosovo.)

KFOR watched and refused to intervene as the KLA attacked Yugoslav
loyalists (Serb, Albanian, Roma, Jewish and Slavic Muslim) in
Pristina. Mr. Prlincevic described how terrorists invaded the section
of Pristina where he lived, killing some people and driving 30,000
from their homes, including Albanians loyal to Yugoslavia. Here is an

[Excerpt from first Prlincevic interview starts here]

Jared Israel: Did you try to go to KFOR?

Cedomir Prlincevic: KFOR was in my house when they came there.

Israel: What?

Prlincevic: When the Albanians started to destroy apartments, someone
called KFOR and a KFOR officer came inside the house; he was there
with his squad. There was a whole bunch [of terrorists - J.I.] going
up and down the stairs, a 24 hours pressure of people going up and
down the stairs, banging, entering, demolishing. They break down the
door and pour in tear gas in some places; and they were robbing -

Israel: Excuse me?

Prlincevic: Robbing, robbing.

Israel: Now, you said the KFOR men were there? Did they actually
witness it?

Prlincevic: Yes.

Israel: What did they say?

Prlincevic: They didn't react at all. They didn't protect anybody.

Israel: For God's sake, what did they say?

Prlincevic: They said it is for the civil authorities to regulate the
problem. They were only concerned with killings.

Israel: Who were the civil authorities?

Prlincevic: They were not formed yet. There were none.

Israel: How did you know whether you were going to get murdered when
someone banged down the door? I guess after you were murdered, you
would know?

Prlincevic: Yes. They were just there to draw up documents if you were

-- See footnote [10]

[Excerpt from first Prlincevic interview ends here]

Obviously, the KLA was a NATO proxy force whose job was to do the
dirty work, following which Western officials could lament the
understandable excesses of Albanian 'revenge.'

In the second interview, [11] Mr. Prlincevic explained that before
NATO bombed Serbia in 1999, it reorganized the KLA - one of whose top
leaders, Hashim Thaci, now heads the so-called 'Kosovo government' -
under NATO command.

I asked Mr. Prlincevic whether ethnic Albanians in Pristina, an
intellectual center, were pro-KLA when NATO bombed.

Here is his reply, shortened:

[Excerpt from second Prlincevic interview starts here]

Cedomir Prlincevic: Not at first, but later even in Pristina the
Albanians were sucked into the secessionist camp. This could happen
because of certain cultural traits, deeply rooted in their history. An
example: my Albanian neighbor was a professor, very much integrated
into Yugoslav life. Without warning he packed up and started to leave
Kosovo. I said, "Why are you leaving, neighbor?" He said, "I have to."
I said, "Why? We're safe here. Nobody's bothering you." And he said,
"I was ordered to leave."

Jared Israel: Who ordered him to leave?

Prlincevic: The leader of his clan. [Note: Earlier in the interview,
Mr. Prlincevic explained that Kosovo Albanian culture has clans with
powerful leaders.]

Israel: Why?

Prlincevic: To prove obedience to the KLA. This was the KLA's national
plan. All loyal Albanians were to leave during the bombing and go to
Albania or Macedonia to show the world how terrible the Serbs were;
this exodus was staged; it was a performance, Hollywood in Kosovo.
What is Hollywood without actors? A large number of Albanians had to
perform, had to actually leave Kosovo. This was not so different from
what they had been doing for ten years, you see, pretending they had
been locked out of the schools when actually it was an organized
boycott, and so on.

Moreover, once they were in the refugee camps, the Albanians would be
under the direct leadership of the KLA, which could intensively
indoctrinate them.

Israel: But why would his clan leader agree to this crazy plan?

Prlincevic: You think it was crazy? This gets us to the heart of the
matter. Between the attacks from the KLA on Albanians who cooperated
with the Yugoslav government and the continuous bombing by NATO,
especially of Albanians who disobeyed the KLA, the KLA had gotten
their message across to the clan leaders. So now the clan leaders
ordered their people to pack up and leave.

Israel: During the bombing, NATO said the Albanians were fleeing
atrocities. Western opponents of NATO said they were fleeing the
bombing. But you're saying we were wrong.

Prlincevic: The bombing isn't a sufficient explanation. If they were
just fleeing bombs, why did they have to go to Albania and Macedonia?
Why not inner Serbia?

But the bombing did play an important role. The KLA served as [plane]
spotters; they could direct NATO [bombing raid] attacks against
hostile Albanians [that is, who were resisting the KLA orders to leave
or who were going to inner Serbia or returning home - JI] and this
confirmed for the clan leaders that the KLA had serious power. It was
psychological warfare, intended to reinforce the psychological crisis
among Albanians, a crisis rooted in fear.

The KLA and NATO were telling Albanians: NATO supports the KLA. After
NATO takes over, the KLA will be in charge and if you don't leave now
you will be in big trouble later. There will be no safe refuge.

That's what I meant when I said you need to know something about
Albanian culture in order to understand why Albanians left. You have
to know about blood feud. One book has a great hold over Albanians.
It's called the Canon of Leke Dukagjinii. It's a 15th-century text. It
goes into great detail on how to carry out blood feuds, when and whom
it is proper to kill. Rules and regulations.

This is an intensely tradition-oriented culture. Blood feud is a
constant threat for Albanians. Thousands in Albania and Kosovo cannot
leave their houses because they are being hunted. It is for this
reason that Kosovo Albanian
houses are often built surrounded by high walls and with gun slits
instead of windows.

By methodically killing those who refused to support them, the KLA was
striking a deep fear among Albanians: the refusal of one clan member
to obey could lead to revenge against his entire clan. And now the KLA
had NATO bombers to enforce blood feud.

-- See footnote [11]

[Excerpt from second Prlincevic interview ends here]

My conclusion? The first target of Western-fostered Kosovo
"independence" has been Albanians independent of racism.

-- Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes
2008-03-03 09:46:32 UTC
Νato tries to heal Macedonia row
By Malcolm Brabant
BBC News, Athens

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
Diplomats are sure Mr de Hoop Scheffer's plea will fail
Nato's secretary general is to visit Athens to try to convince Greece
not to block the membership of the former Yugoslav Republic of

Monday's visit of Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is part of a campaign of
growing international pressure on Greece.

Athens has threatened to veto its northern neighbour unless it
compromises over its official name.

Greece is convinced the former Yugoslavs have territorial designs on
its northern province of Macedonia.


Nato wants the former Yugoslav republic beneath its umbrella as a
safeguard against the country dividing between the Slav majority in
the east and the Albanian minority in the west.

But diplomats here are sure that Mr de Hoop Scheffer's appeal to
Greece not to use its veto will be rejected.

Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has made it clear that unless
the government in Skopje agrees to change its current name, Macedonia,
the veto will be applied.

The UN's special envoy, Matthew Nimetz, has proposed five alternative
names and began new talks in New York on Friday in an attempt to reach
a solution, but he says there is a substantial gap between the two

The dispute is seen as a very petty one in many corners of the world.

But a survey in Sunday's respected Kathimerini newspaper reveals that
84% of Greeks are in favour of vetoing what they call "the Skopjans"
if there is no compromise.

In terms of domestic politics, Mr Karamanlis has very little room for

He only has a majority of two seats in parliament. His administration
- narrowly re-elected last September - is hugely unpopular.

The latest opinion polls show that voters are abandoning the ruling
Conservatives in droves.

To show weakness over an issue that generates such passionate
nationalistic sentiments would be terminal for Mr Karamanlis.